WyTec LLC is a technology licensing company that was established in 2012 to expand the uses and applications for the inventions covered by five U.S. Patents. These patents were transferred to WyTec LLC from WyTec International, Inc., a provider of carrier-class 3G and 4G data offload network services for mobile telephone operating companies. The goal of WyTec LLC is to ultimately monetize the company’s patent portfolio via licensing.

The multipoint-to-multipoint communications technology covered by the WyTec portfolio includes one-way and two-way multi-channel radio frequency transmission systems including a method employing a sectorized broadcasting technique; frequency multiplying of a signal having amplitude modulation using a frequency multiplier that operates at a bias voltage that is less than its saturation mode voltage; an integrated OMT/filter assembly that is small, low cost and not easily susceptible to mechanical or environmental damage; and a printed circuit board (PCB) transceiver I/O filter design that provides both polarization and isolation filtering and includes a receive probe positioned in an opening of the PCB that has a feed wave guide attached to it.

WyTec is a subsidiary of, and is managed by General Patent Corporation (GPC), a leading patent monetization firm, and GPC is the exclusive licensing agent for the WyTec patents.